What is Scribbled Lines?

Scribbled Lines Brewing is a creative exploration into the world of sour beer. Our focus is on traditional, old-world methods with some modern twists. Expect quality over quantity, and something new and fun around each corner.

Meet Boris, Loïs & Rene

Yes, we named our foeders, and they are our pride and joy!

What is a foeder you ask? Derived from the Dutch word voeder, it loosely translates to "giant barrel". While we love to age in our wine & bourbon barrels, our foeders give us the chance to use a different volume to surface area ratio, minimize oxidation, and brew much larger volumes of the sours and funky brews you've come to know and love.

Three wooden Scribbled Lines foeders stacked in the brewery in Lupulin Brewing
Bottle of Scribbled Lines Rene v.1, pineapple & mango fruit, on a metal table with foeders in the background