About Us

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Who We Are

We created Lupulin Brewing to bring people together, to build a better community, a new and innovative kind of workplace, to defy those who attempt to define who we are and our path through life, and to have damn fun doing it. Raise your glass and come join us in our cause.

What We Do

When crafting the highest quality beer is your passion, having top quality equipment is critical. We have spent countless hours making sure that every step in our brewing process makes our beer taste better. We spare no expense when it comes to quality. Come, take a look under the hood and see for yourself why we stand apart from the pack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You asked. We answered.

Big Lake FAQSioux Falls FAQ

Giving Back

Community involvement is a core principle of ours. We have been humbled and fortunate to work with some very dedicated individuals and organizations over the years who make the world a better place every day. Check out our current initiatives, and some of the great people we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past.

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Award-winning? Us?

Oh, stop… stop it. Okay, go on.

Awards & Recognition

Our Team

The dedicated folks that make it happen. Having the best team makes all the difference, take a moment to meet the passionate people behind the craft.

Meet the Team
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Employment Opportunities

Do you share our commitment to quality and passion for the craft? If so, check out our current job opportunities and become a part of what we are building.

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Let's be friends.

Virtually, of course. So… more like pen pals. Except we'll always do the writing. And you'll get sweet deals and updates.

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