You knew it was only a matter of time… “Smazey” is our first hit, our first puff, our first toe in the THC pool that is the exciting new THC beverage market!  Smazey is a light, crisp and fruity seltzer series, loaded up with 12mg of MN grown, hemp-derived THC (four 3mg servings per can).


Every batch of our THC beverages are tested at an accredited lab. You can view the lab analysis based on the lot number printed on the bottom of the can.

SMZ1 – Smazey Strawberry Lemonade – Lab Results

SMZ2 – Smazey Strawberry Lemonade – Lab Results

SMZ3 – Smazey Cherry Lime Blue Raspberry – Lab Results

SMZ4 – Smazey Passion Fruit Strawberry Watermelon – Lab Results

SMZ5 – Smazey Prickly Pear Key Lime – Lab Results

SMZ6 – Smazey Strawberry Lemonade – Lab Results

SZB1 – Smazebomb Strawberry Lemonade – Lab Results

SMZ7 – Smazey Cherry Lime Blue Raspberry – Lab Results


How do I become an account to sell your THC Beverages?

Please fill out our form and we’ll be in touch!

Is there an age limit to purchase?

You must be 21+ to purchase THC beverages in our taproom.

Can I drink it on-site?

No, we are asking you to take it home to enjoy.

What’s a recommended dose?

5mg is the maximum serving size allowed by law. If this is your first time, you may want to split a can with a friend.

How long does it take to kick in?

Expect desired results within 30 minutes.

Do your THC beverages contain any alcohol?

No, that is currently illegal.

Do I need to keep it cold?

For optimal flavor and enjoyment, we recommend storing and serving our THC beverages cold.


All cannabinoid ingredients derived from hemp

This product contains no more than 0.3% by weight of any tetrahydrocannabinol

This product complies with Minn. Stat. § 151.72 and all other applicable state laws and regulations

Cannabinoid ingredients processed in a facility licensed by the State of Minnesota

This product does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated or approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

This product was manufactured in a shared facility containing malt.

Keep this product out of reach of children