Lupulin Wrapped 2023

It's time to share Lupulin's 2023 Wrapped!

We had one heck of a year in 2023, and none of these numbers would be possible without the support of all of you hop-heads! Thanks for riding this crazy train with us, here's to continuing the ride in 2024 and for many years to come!

8,055 bbls of Beer Brewed

151 Unique Beers Released

366,168 Cans of Hooey Packaged

24,513 lbs of Hops Used

833,196 bls of Malt Spent

2,721,518 lbs of Product Distributed

1,843,830 Pints Sold Outside of the Taproom

17 Total Distribution Partners

141,869 Draft Pours

12,478 Pints of Hooey Poured

13,270 Crowlers Sold

9,625 16oz 4-Packs Sold

5,257 Flights Poured

2,927 Growlers Filled

4,827 Stickers Sold

75 Events in The Stave

360,229 Cans of Smazey Out the Door

3,944,881 mg of The Good Stuff

14 Different Products Released

$54,719 Total Charitable Contributions

$45,718 Raised Through Event Partnerships

117 Organizations Benefited

21 Pours for a Purpose features