Brewer Health Matters - Mental & Physical

In the month of March, we were proud to release our women-of-Lupulin-brewed version of Brave Noise, a Pale Ale with a cause. We selected Infinite Ingredient as our organization to give back to, as well as selecting them as our Pours for a Purpose beneficiary for the month of March. It is our honor to share that through all of your support, we were able to donate over $4,000 to Infinite Ingredient!

Katie Muggli, a familiar name in the Minnesota craft beer industry, founded the organization:

Infinite Ingredient’s mission is to actively support the mental and physical well-being of individuals working in the craft beverage industry through outreach, education, and access to resources. We seek to remove common barriers to mental and physical health resources, and make them available to everyone working for craft beverage producers across the world, starting with craft breweries across the US.

Once our launch campaign is funded we will be able to provide access to mental health and work/life coaching resources to everyone who works for a craft brewery across the US–and their immediate family members. Every $6 donated covers one person, and their immediate family for an entire year. This means that Lupulin’s generous donation will cover 668 individuals working for a craft brewery for one year!”

To learn more about Infinite Ingredient and help Katie reach her goal, please visit:

To learn more about Brave Noise, please visit: