Job Opening

Taproom Beer Tender - MN/SD

Reports To: Taproom Manager

Lupulin Brewing Company(LBC) is a busy and growing production brewery and taproom located in Big Lake, MN. We are a team of passionate beer lovers with the focus of making spectacular beer and sharing it with others. LBC’s core principles include customer access, community involvement, and a little bit of idiocracy.

Job Description

As a craft beer enthusiast of the taproom, you will be called upon to do what it takes to maintain a quality Lupulin Brewing Company (LBC) taproom environment; Including but not limited to: operate the point-of-sale system (POS) describe and recommend beers to both novice and experienced beer tasters, serve beer (counter service only), pour and present beer, conduct age verification and intoxication recognition, bus tables, wash glassware, change kegs, conduct taproom opening/closing duties, and keep surfaces clean & sanitized throughout their shift.

Our ideal taproom employee will be knowledgeable about craft beer and understand brewing processes, have prior experience in the restaurant or brewing world, be able to work a flexible schedule, be friendly and welcoming to patrons, and be a motivated self-starter/task-finisher.

A beer tender is responsible for the following:


  • Maintain up to date knowledge of the beer styles and tap selections at Lupulin Brewing Company, as well as of other craft brewery styles.
  • Monitor, change, and assist in moving kegs with the aid of a dolly
  • Ensuring that the beers on tap are acceptable to serve (right temperature, optimal quality, no off-smells or flavors)


  • Excellent customer service (Bar service, Merchandise, Growler Service)
  • Engaging with each patron directly, giving each the attention they deserve, and making them feel welcomed while working to meet their needs quickly and efficiently
  • Politely and respectfully addressing customers’ questions about the brewery and beer, regardless of their knowledge or experience with craft beer
  • Conforming to and enforce regulations set forth by the alcoholic beverage commission (double-checking IDs when necessary, curtailing overconsumption)
  • Communicating the Lupulin Brewing philosophy and the uniqueness of each beer.
  • Maintaining a pleasant taproom environment (temperature, music, cleanliness and conduct)


  • Gathering dirty glassware and clearing tables, setting chairs
  • Cleaning and sanitation of glassware
  • Setting tables for daily shift and special events
  • Cleaning of taproom & restrooms4. Community
  • Socializing with and educating customers about Lupulin Brewing Company beer and craft beer in general.
  • Represent Lupulin Brewing Company at special events when requested
  • Playing the role of brand ambassador


  • Must be 21+ years old 
  • Prior bartending/service experience preferred. 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of craft beer, including basic understand of beer production (Cicerone Beer Server or similar certification preferred), if not already certified, completion of Cicerone Beer Server certification is expected within 60 days of hire 
  • Drive that is passionate – excellent communication skills, exceptional customer service skills, positive attitude and ability to work a diverse set of people 
  • Attention to detail and ability to multi-task 
  • Aptitude for and desire to learn the mechanical workings of taproom equipment in order to address problems quickly and efficiently 
  • Expectation is 10-15+ hours in the taproom per month. Weekday evening and Weekend availability is required. Working Conditions/Physical Requirements 

Working Conditions/Physical Requirements

  • Requires an individual who can work under a range of circumstances including working with challenging patrons, in a faced-paced environment of a crowded taproom and within close proximity of an operating brewery(noise, heavy equipment, odors related to the brewing process) 
  • Required to stand for extended periods of time when performing taproom operations 
  • Required to lift boxes 35-50 lbs and move empty/full kegs(up to 170 lbs) with aid of a keg truck

How to Apply:

  1. Fill out our employment application form found here
  2. Send your resume to using subject line “Employment”